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Cramp Eze

Hi my name is Bernard Christopher, most people call me Chris. I am a Pharmacist and also the owner of Cottonwood Drugs for over 30 years.

I would like to tell you a little about my product called Cramp Eze. This product is what I consider a miracle worker for leg cramps.

Cramp Eze arose out of a situation where people were having severe leg cramps and I don’t like the toxins that are being used, so I was reading the literature about leg cramps and found that normalizing magnesium levels in a person would eliminate leg cramps.

We started selling a very modest number of bottles per year to currently approximately 1000 bottles per year. They are being sold in local supermarkets, Orchard Nutrition, online with your other medications and other local pharmacies.

It is inexpensive and it works. It is sold with a money back guarantee but I have never had a bottle returned.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bottle or two of Cramp Eze, or to find out more about my product, just stop by our pharmacy or our Home Health department. I would love to share my product with you and see how satisfied you will be.